About 100% Talent

A Voluntary, Employer-Led Initiative to
Close the Gender Wage Gap in Washington State

100% Talent is a regional initiative for Washington aimed at closing our local gender wage gap. Through the use of expertly curated online resources and in-person workshops, our member companies (or “Signatories”) have committed to do their part to close the wage gap by exploring and implementing best practice actions shown to reduce the wage gap. (Read more about our Signatory Commitment.)

100% Talent is a proactive, employer-led effort. We emphasize the good actions that employers are taking in their companies and in our community to reduce the wage gap and increase opportunity for women and girls across Washington State. We encourage members to engage one another through our business learning cohort – in person and online – in applying best practices to retain and develop the best talent.

In addition to ensuring that everyone is paid for 100 percent of the valuable work that they do, we aim to tackle the systemic factors that contribute to the wage gap: unconscious bias in organizational culture and hiring, negotiations, and performance evaluation practices; the need for flexible work arrangements and equal female representation in senior leadership; and better pipelines for women and girls into middle- and high-wage industries. When women participate in the workplace equally, 100% of our local talent is empowered to innovate and grow business—and billions of dollars are put to work in the economy.