100% Talent is a regional initiative to engage employers in closing Washington State’s gender wage gap.

Washington’s gender wage gap is one of the largest in the country and has direct consequences for our local labor market, our regional economy, and our quality of life. In 2015, women who worked full time year-round earned just 78.6 cents for every dollar earned by men. If we continue with business as usual, women in our region won’t earn the same as men until 2070.* 100% Talent is designed to ensure that 100% of our local talent pool is recognized and leveraged.

We work with sponsor employers, or “Signatories,” to learn about and implement best practices shown to improve gender equity in the workplace. 100% Talent provides workshops, networking, online resources, and public opportunities to highlight companies’ proactive work toward gender equality.

When women participate in the workplace equally, 100% of our local talent is empowered to innovate and grow business—and billions of dollars are put to work in the economy. Working together, we can create a more inclusive economy and vibrant Washington State for all.

* Source: Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR)