Seattle Gender Equity for Startups & Small Businesses Workshops Begin Sept 12

An introductory workshop series for startups and small businesses ready to invest in creating a more inclusive and equitable workspace.

Princeton University HR Dept. Releases Gender-Neutral Language Guidelines

In an effort to become more gender inclusive, the Princeton University HR department has released a new policy in a four-page guideline on words to use instead of “man.”

What Gender Barriers Do Millennial Women Face In The Workplace?

More and more studies are being released that reveal the challenges women face in the office, compared to men, extend well beyond pay differences. “Explicit gender bias has largely disappeared from the workplace due to tougher legislation and increased focus on diversity issues. However, challenges still remain; ones that take a different shape and form from those encountered by prior generations of women.”

Insurance Industry Reports Gains on Gender Equality

Citing mentorship, active diversity recruitment, and intentionally grooming women for senior leadership roles, 86 percent of women attending the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s (IICF) 2016 Women In Insurance Conference agreed that strides were being made to achieve gender equality, up from 72 percent last year.

Who’s fixing tech’s diversity problems?

The Washington Technology Industry Association decided to take a look at exactly which groups are working to change the bleak percentages of women and people of color in the tech industry.

More women, minorities in tech could help improve the wage gap

The stats can’t lie–there’s a real lack of diversity in the tech industry. But there are also many organizations and tech companies trying to increase representation from underrepresented groups such as females, racial minorities, and veterans. This graphic consolidates these resources in one place.

Barriers to Board Positions Persist for Minorities and Women, Report Shows

Efforts to diversify America’s corporate boards with more minorities and women are still lagging.

In Performance Reviews, Women Get Vague Generalities, While Men Get Specifics

Two Stanford researchers ran a gendered comparison of written performance reviews. Across three high-tech companies and one professional services firm, and in evaluations that conveyed both praise and criticism, feedback to men was full of granular detail and “actionable” advice. Feedback to women was blanketed in stereotypes and uselessly vague.

‘Gender Equality by Design’: Building a More Inclusive (and Productive) Workplace

A new book by Harvard University professor Iris Bohnet, “What Works: Gender Equality By Design,” argues that tweaking the ways companies identify, develop and promote talent can improve equality and diversity at a “shockingly low cost and high speed.” Here are some of the key takeaways from Bohnet’s book.