Microsoft CEO says tech’s progress on gender equality is ‘not sufficient’

“We always had equal pay for equal work, but it’s more about equal opportunity for equal work,” Mr. Nadella said at a TimesTalks event hosted by The New York Times. “In tech, we do have a significant distance to cover… My job is about creating a system that allows women to participate, to feel free to ask for a raise, to expect to be recognized for their progress — I had not internalized how the system was not working.”

Coding students tell Congresswoman there’s no simple solution to tech’s diversity problem

U.S. Congresswoman Suzan DelBene — who’s worked at Microsoft,, and Nimble Technology— visited Seattle’s Ada Developers Academy to discuss this persistent issue. Many of Ada’s women agree: there is no single program that can fix tech’s diversity problems. Ada students listed a multitude of things that have kept them from entering the work force: a lack of role models, the discomfort of being the only woman in a room, or simply being told women aren’t suited to tech work.

Top tech stats: The Internet of Things, gender equality & more

The Future of Gender Equality, a report by Yell Business, has indicated that despite the technology industry’s notorious reputation for disruption and innovation, it is yet to disrupt unbalanced gender representation.

Maria Renz keynotes Amazon’s first Women’s Entrepreneur Conference

A year ago, Maria Renz she became the first woman named technical advisor to CEO Jeff Bezos (a coveted rung on Amazon’s leadership ladder). Today, she delivered the keynote address at Amazon’s first-ever Women’s Entrepreneur Conference. “You learn the most when you’re both comfortable and challenged,” she said.

How This Woman Is Fighting for Gender Equality in Tech

Dr. Telle Whitney, President and CEO of the Anita Borg Institute, describes the challenges and opportunities for increasing women in tech, from pipelines to org culture.

New Software Tools Aim to Increase Workplace Diversity

New software programs aim to do what unconscious bias training has not yet accomplished: Create blind hiring processes and diversify tech workplaces.

Could STEM scholarships for women be the key to closing the gender gap in tech?

In a sector that prides itself on being full of the best and brightest problem-solvers, how do we tackle the persistent problem of the gender gap in tech? STEM scholarships, one solution among many, begin to address these issues directly by providing key monetary resources, offering a sense of community among the recipients and sidestepping closed networks that limit access to mentorship and support for young women.

Health IT gender pay gap grows wider, ten-year study finds

Female health information technology professionals have been doing the same jobs as males for less money for years, and the gap is only growing wider, a study conducted by HIMSS has found.  In 2006 the average female IT worker made 81 percent of the average male IT salary, and by 2015 that difference widened to the point where women are compensated at a rate of 78 percent for doing the same jobs

Who’s fixing tech’s diversity problems?

The Washington Technology Industry Association decided to take a look at exactly which groups are working to change the bleak percentages of women and people of color in the tech industry.