Microsoft CEO says tech’s progress on gender equality is ‘not sufficient’

“We always had equal pay for equal work, but it’s more about equal opportunity for equal work,” Mr. Nadella said at a TimesTalks event hosted by The New York Times. “In tech, we do have a significant distance to cover… My job is about creating a system that allows women to participate, to feel free to ask for a raise, to expect to be recognized for their progress — I had not internalized how the system was not working.”

Men Think Their Careers Will Suffer If They Take Parental Leave

Parental leave policies that offer the same amount of time off to all new parents are on the rise. Yet fathers think their careers will suffer if they take leave, according to a new survey out this week from 100% Talent signatory Deloitte.

Amazon report shows equal pay for equal work

Amazon said it had reviewed its entire U.S. staff, including warehouse workers. The results show that women’s compensation in 2015 was 99.9 percent of men’s in equivalent jobs, according to Reuters.  Amazon also said that minority workers make 100.1 percent of what white workers earn.