Gender equality: Why Procter and Gamble is on a mission to raise women up

See how P&G is integrating more women into management and director roles, ensuring flexible work opportunities, and leveraging accelerator programs to retain and promote women and key points in their careers.

Women financial advisers at Wells Fargo 27% more likely to lose their job: study

Female financial advisers get punished more severely than men, especially at Wells Fargo. That’s according to a new working paper that finds female employees who engage in misconduct at Wells Fargo Advisors are 27% more likely than their male counterparts to have lost their jobs.

In finance industry, millennials face gender inequality shock

Globally the number of females represented on financial services boards continues to grow, but a stagnancy at the executive level is disenfranchising millennials as they get to grips with a workplace stuck in its gendered past. Oliver Wyman’s 2016 Women in financial services report revealed that financial services will not reach 30% female executive committee representation until 2048.  Millennial women are facing the same problems as their counterparts in the 1980s and 1990s, just without expecting to. This leads to a ‘culture shock’ as they realise traditional gender roles continue to exist in the workplace.

Ideas Matter: Gender Equality In The Workplace

A radio segment that explores issues related to gender-based workplace discrimination – including questions of unconscious bias, the history of workplace inequality, and how the skills of the humanities can address these issues.

Employee Satisfaction: The Female Perspective

One study by Payscale found that a woman’s job satisfaction appears to be less tied to her pay than it is for a man. So if women’s job satisfaction is not as straightforward as just higher compensation, what other things make an impact?

‘Missing’ Female Managers Widen Wage Gap

A Visier report finds that women are underrepresented in managerial positions from age 32 onward – a finding that, if corrected, could reduce the wage gap by one third.  “It turns out that gender inequity is not just a compensation issue, it is a problem of unequal participation of women in the higher-paying managerial jobs,” said Visier CEO John Schwarz.

‘LedBetter’ Index Lets You Buy From Companies With Women In Top Jobs

100% Talent Signatories Bank of America and Microsoft Make Top Quartile of LedBetter Index.  The LedBetter Gender Equality Index — named in homage to Lilly Ledbetter, namesake of the Fair Pay Act – lays bare the gender ratio at the top of 230 companies that own nearly 2,000 of the world’s most popular consumer brands.  The average score? It’s 20.9, indicating female representation at the board and C-suite level of these companies averages 20.9%.

Research: We Are Way Harder on Female Leaders Who Make Bad Calls

Social psychologists at Yale School of Management recently investigated how people evaluate women who make mistakes in traditionally male occupations.  The team concluded that people find it easier to accept a poor decision when it’s made by a leader in a “gender-appropriate” role, and leaders are more severely judged when they make mistakes in the other gender’s territory.

PayScale Introduces Its Salary Negotiation Guide

PayScale has teamed up with career and finance experts to answer your questions about salary negotiation. They give you the data and break everything down into three easy steps – Research, Strategize, Negotiate – so that you can prepare yourself for salary success.