Promotion vs. Reality: Are Companies All Talk and No Action Regarding Workplace Gender Equality?

Gender equality in the workplace and eliminating the gender pay gap are hot topics in the news, with some large brands capitalizing on the discussion to attract female consumers.

Oregon Senate passes Equal Pay Act of 2017

Neighboring Pacific Northwest state unanimously passes Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017. The bill aims to shrink the stubborn pay gaps between genders, races and other protected classes that are disadvantaged by pay discrimination. Importantly, the policy also encourages companies to proactively examine their own pay practices before a lawsuit is filed.

On Equal Pay Day, Sheryl Sandberg Unveils Latest Lean In Mission: Closing Gender Gap

First, there was #BanBossy, backed by the likes of Beyonce, aimed at encouraging young girls to be assertive — and to ignore a gendered word used to stigmatize women leaders. Then there was #LeanInTogether, an Emma Watson-approved attempt to convince men to join women in the fight for gender equality.

Now, on April 4th — Equal Pay Day — Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit LeanIn.Org has launched its latest high-profile campaign, this time with the backing of women-friendly businesses like Salesforce and Lyft and a social media assist from Funny or Die and Hulu.

Gender pay equity to be expanded under new California law

A bill sent to the governor Monday would prevent California employers from paying women less than male colleagues based on prior salary. The state strengthened its protections against gender-based wage discrimination last year. The bill the state Assembly sent the governor Monday, AB 1676, would add prior salary to the list of reasons women can’t be paid less than men.

Why Diversity and Equality Must Go Hand in Hand

Gender equality—assuring that men and women have equal access to work and advancement, capital, and pay for comparable work—is a key ingredient in channeling human talent in the workforce. There are business reasons, as well as moral ones, to assure that women and men have equal opportunities to contribute in the workplace. And Pax World’s leaders think doing so has value for investors as well.

NYT Opinion: Salary Transparency Is Key to Narrowing Gender Pay Disparities

In it’s Room for Debate series, New York Times guest columnists explore “How to Reduce the Pay Gap Between Men and Women.”  Jake Rosenfeld, author and sociologist, argues that wage transparency laws and banning the use of salary histories will empower women and racial and ethnic minority workers to speak out against unfair pay practices.

Pennsylvania to begin study of paid family leave

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry will receive $250,000 from the federal government to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of possible paid family leave models. Supporters of paid family leave often cite evidence that shows paid leave has tangible health benefits for children and parents and actually can lead to wage growth for women, who are more likely to return to their jobs after having children rather than leaving the workforce altogether.

How nixing this hiring question could end the gender pay gap

Massachusetts is aiming to chip away at gender pay discrepancies with a new lawthat bars companies from asking a standard question in the hiring process: “How much did you make at your previous job?” The law, the first of its kind in America, is aimed at breaking what can become a cycle of unfair pay for women and people of color.