Signatory Commitment

We value the rich variety of our region’s businesses, industries, sizes, and practices.  We know that there is no silver bullet to close the wage gap, so we invite organizations to follow a simple format for being part of our community’s collective effort to close this gap: THINK, ACT, SHARE, INVEST.  Within this model, our Signatories have the flexibility to choose the best practices and methods of engagement that fit their needs.

What does being a signatory entail?

Signatories participate in the initiative by sending representatives to 100% Talent’s quarterly workshops focused on best practices and collective problem-solving common workplace challenges. They also get opportunities to speak at community events and feature their successes. In joining 100% Talent, signatories make the following pledge along with a financial investment:

“Achieving gender equity in the workplace is important to our business and community and we pledge to be part of the solution.”

Signatories engage in the way that works best for their organization. We encourage an approach that incorporates the following framework: THINK, ACT, SHARE, INVEST.


Take the first step in tackling the wage gap:

  • Identify issues around gender equity and their root causes.
  • Establish a system to collect and track relevant employment and wage data from across your company.


Take advantage of carefully curated resources to:

  • Address your most critical issues by implementing at least three best-practice solutions.
  • Track and monitor progress.


Engage online and in-person with us and other Signatories to:

  • Share your best practices with other human resource managers and executives.
  • Showcase your successes with other employers and our community.


Support our events, web tools, staffing, and forward momentum by: