Our Mission

Reduce the gender wage gap in King County.

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Funding Alliance have joined forces in response to our local, gender equity challenges by launching a voluntary, employer-led, solutions-based initiative: 100% Talent. Working together, we can create a more inclusive economy and vibrant King County for all.

Our mission is to narrow and eventually close the gender wage gap in King County. To do so:

  • Let’s expand the use of best-practice solutions.
  • Let’s shine a positive light on businesses tackling the gender wage gap effectively.
  • Let’s get ahead of one-size-fits-all directives by being proactive.

Together, we have crafted a series of straightforward, simple-to-adapt actions that are available to achieve gender equity in King County. The suggested 31 best-practice solutions have been shown to work and offer a logical starting place to launch this conversation. While no one solution is a panacea, the broad array provides a flexible toolkit of actions that employers and industries can tailor to their unique business needs and environments. We seek to engage regional employers in deploying and exploring these best practices in their work places, culminating in a collective, regional effort to close the wage gap and create a more equitable, prosperous King Count for all.

Our 5-Year Goals
  1. 500 companies make the pledge.
  2. The majority of employees in King County are impacted through engagement of employers of all sizes.
  3. Companies report significant, measurable benefits as seen through semi-annual surveys and their own internal annual wage and demographic data collection.
  4. A practice-sharing conference is held within a year. (Read about 2017’s inaugural Wage Gap Summit here!)