Co-working space for women The Riveter is launching in Seattle to build community and challenge ‘bro-working’

Two Seattle’s women and their vision to launch The Riveter, co-working space where women don’t feel excluded from the business world because of their gender.

A Survey of Seattle Start-Ups: Insights on Org Culture & Diversity

This fall, a team including Martha Burwell, an independent consultant, Ruchika Tulshyan, and Artemis Connection, a consultancy focused on aligning strategy and team, were pondering the Seattle tech industry along with our oft-criticized tendency to not talk about issues like race and diversity. To understand what these facts meant for our startups culture, we surveyed more than 315+ employees at start-ups (defined as companies with fewer than 250 employees) in the Seattle area about their experience.

Maria Renz keynotes Amazon’s first Women’s Entrepreneur Conference

A year ago, Maria Renz she became the first woman named technical advisor to CEO Jeff Bezos (a coveted rung on Amazon’s leadership ladder). Today, she delivered the keynote address at Amazon’s first-ever Women’s Entrepreneur Conference. “You learn the most when you’re both comfortable and challenged,” she said.

Gender Equality In Silicon Valley Will Take A Generation, Say Women Founders And Funders

Women are making progress in Silicon Valley, securing more funding and leading more companies than ever before. Still, men unequivocally run the show, despite efforts by women founders and funders to level the playing field.

Bloomberg’s New Gender Equality Index Shows Who’s Investing In Women

Bloomberg has unveiled a new index intended to showcase what the biggest financial players are doing to promote gender equality.  The index, called the Bloomberg Financial Services Gender Equality Index (GEI), includes 26 public companies that are best-in-class in the financial industry in terms of providing opportunities for women. 100% Talent member Bank of America is one of the leaders in the index.

BOSTON: Meet the activist investor going after giants on gender pay equity

If you’ve paid attention to the news surrounding equal pay in recent months, then you’re familiar with Natasha Lamb’s work.  Lamb is the director of equity research at Boston-based Arjuna Capital, the activist division of Boston-based investment firm Baldwin Brothers and a shareholder in some of the biggest tech companies in the U.S. Read how she’s fighting for companies to do their share in closing the wage gap.

Women in Tech: 20 Female STEM Pioneers

On International Women’s Day, TechRepublic provides a roundup of some — not all — of our favorite profile pieces on women in tech who are knocking down stereotypes year-round.

100% Talent Signatory Microsoft Discusses Changing Org Culture and a ‘Growth Mindset’

The company skipped its annual employee meeting last year and held a hackathon instead.  Employees are going through mandatory diversity training to help them recognize their unconscious biases.  And in perhaps the most radical departure of all, company leaders are coaching their teams to stop interrupting each other.