World Science Festival: Pioneering women scientists put gender equality under the microscope

Inspiring young women to pursue science and building their confidence is only the first step in bridging the gender equality gap in STEM fields, female scientists say.

Breaking the Gender Barrier in Engineering

How Dartmouth became one of the first national research universities to a graduate a majority-female class of engineers. Hint: “we didn’t get here with a well-worn roadmap. What we sought to create was a better engineering experience for all students, and along the way found that these strategies helped engage all aspiring engineers, bringing more women into our program.”

How This Woman Is Fighting for Gender Equality in Tech

Dr. Telle Whitney, President and CEO of the Anita Borg Institute, describes the challenges and opportunities for increasing women in tech, from pipelines to org culture.

More women, minorities in tech could help improve the wage gap

The stats can’t lie–there’s a real lack of diversity in the tech industry. But there are also many organizations and tech companies trying to increase representation from underrepresented groups such as females, racial minorities, and veterans. This graphic consolidates these resources in one place.

Tackling Gender Inequality at Harvard Business School

Six years ago, Harvard Business School embarked on one of the most ambitious case studies in its 108-year history. The case: gender inequality. The protagonist: itself.  Gender inequality in the business world has long been a topic of conversation and research among academics, but it was only a few short years ago that these issues came to a head at one of the world’s most influential business institutions.

‘It takes all of us to make a change’: First-ever Equity Day at WSHS

“It takes all of us to make a change.”

So declared a student toward the start of the all-school assembly that concluded today’s first-ever Equity Day at West Seattle High School.

The assembly’s guest speaker, Erin Jones – a longtime educator who is running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction – told the tale of her rise from an orphanage to education executive, saying your beginnings don’t have to…

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Understanding the Gender Pay Gap

PayScale’s latest report, Inside the Gender Pay Gap, is here to help you make sense of the truth about women, work, and pay equity. Want to find out how things like job type, leadership positions, marital and family status and industry affect gender pay equity? We’ve got data that you won’t find anywhere else.

Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color

In November 2014, the Council on Women and Girls released a report titled “Women and Girls of Color: Addressing Challenges and Expanding Opportunities” to identify barriers and disparities facing women and girls of color. This report addressed work done over the first six years of the Administration to improve the lives of women and girls of color.