100% Talent Signatory Roundtable: Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (aka ERGs, affinity groups, or business network groups) exist in companies small and large, and can provide an endless list of opportunities when they are successful:
-Product development or marketing insights through idea sharing
-Broader sense of inclusion through discussions and out of the silo
-Knowledge and awareness of colleagues’ viewpoints and experiences
-Opportunity for leaders to engage in a more personal and organic way
-Support professionally and personally through more engagement

At our 12/4 Signatory Roundtable, we heard from RealSelf, our host, about their passion in creating a company culture and work environment of belonging that is both visible and authentic for their employees.
We’ll also heard from Seattle City Light’s group, Women in Power, on how they were created and how this group has sparked the creation of others in the City of Seattle. What worked well (or didn’t) during conception?

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