100% Talent Roundtable: Getting on the Same Page

Getting on the Same Page deck

100% Talent Signatory Roundtable – June 18, 2019

Cohesion, collaboration and teamwork are critical to success when establishing and executing a work goal. Once a vision is established, how do you create an environment in which there is buy-in on every level of staff, company-wide? How do you ensure all stakeholders are on the same page with seeing that goal through? Are there additional challenges when that objective is related to diversity, equity and inclusion or organizational culture?

At our 6/18 Roundtable, we heard from three organizations:

Rob Dunlop, with Cascade Public Media, our host, spoke about their company culture and core values centered around integrity, community and innovation.

Brianna Haag, with Hired, shared key findings from Hired’s annual Wage Inequality in the Workplace data report which examines the gender wage gap within the tech industry. In addition to a published report showing their findings, they created and presented a micro documentary that focuses on the personal experiences of 7 women in the workplace who have experienced wage inequity.

Karen Wilkins-Mickey, with Alaska Airlines, shared about a recent goal that was made within the organization related to DEI. How did this vision come to be? What were the essential components to execute this objective? What worked best – or didn’t – in getting all players on the same page?

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